Outstanding Performance


The highest water head pelton turbine till 2018 in Asia

Project: TianHu HEPP, Guilin, Guangxi (Water Head: 1070M, Unit Capacity: 15MW)


The four-nozzles vertical shaft set pelton turbine with high water head & high capacity in China

Project: Xiaogou HEPP, Kangding, Sichuan (Water Head: 938M, Unit Capacity: 27MW)


The First horizontal six-nozzles set pelton turbine in China

Project:  Mahuanggou HEPP, Baoxing, Sichuan (Water Head: 236M, Unit Capacity: 8MW)


The Biggest horizontal pelton turbine set till now in China

Project:  Lianghekou HEPP, Kangding, Sichuan (Water Head: 432M, Unit Capacity: 15MW)


The First vertical five-nozzles set pelton turbine in China

Project:  Wangbao HEPP, Jiulong, Sichuan (Water Head: 185M, Unit Capacity: 6.3MW)


The First vertical six-nozzles set pelton turbine in China (turbine runner is designed and manufactured by Lisong)

Project:  Gequhe II HEPP, Qinghai (Water Head: 374M, Unit Capacity: 27MW)


Vertical francis turbine (The distrubitor and runner has not been replaced for 8 years till now).

Project:  Furonghe HEPP, Guilin (Water Head: 200M, Unit Capacity: 12.5MW)

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